Fancy a battle? The Sustain-a-Battle is a competition between the residents of the campus of the University of Twente who aim to achieve the highest reduction in electricity usage. In a month-long competition, student flats will take on the challenge to manage energy as efficiently as possible and arrange more sustainable energy provisions.

Sign up for the Sustain-a-Battle 2016 has been closed. 24 teams will be competing this year, with the winner officially becoming the Most Sustainable Campus Resident group of 2016!

The winning group takes it all!
- An energy friendly refrigerator (Sponsored by Brilman Elektro)
- A huge balcony flag which states: 'Most Sustainable Campus Dorm of 2016'
- Drinks and food for a spectacular house party
- A jealous look from the other resident groups for an entire year

In addition, if you finish second or third, you will be awarded useful saving products as well!

Some quick info

When does the battle take place?
Between April 11th and May 9th

The Sustain-a-Battle is one of the projects selected for the Living Smart Campus programme.



How to win!

- Achieve within the span of a month the highest electricity reduction with your fellow residents.
- Compose the most creative energy action plan (brief, but effectively).
- Share a weekly update with the most hilarious pictures and videos from your group activities to reduce electricity on our Facebook page.
- Afterwards, share with us your best lessons learned.

For every criterion you can earn a maximum of 10 points. The winner is selected by a jury.

The game:

1. Choose a group name to impress your opponents.  
2. We will measure the average electric usage of your group in a week. That will be the starting point of the reduction for your group during the month.
3. Compose an energy plan based on several questions. Be creative, but most of all: be practical.
4. Select an energy coach who will be 'the energy leak watcher' during the month.
5. Watch your daily scores on the online dashboard and push yourself with your group to outstanding performances.
6. Compare your scores weekly with your opponents to see who you surpassed or who is heading up.
7. Share pictures and videos from your group activities to reduce electricity on the battle's Facebook page. Don't forget to mention your group name.
8. In an exciting finale you pitch in front of a jury the best lessons learned based on your energy action plan.

The rules:

- The most important rule: Don't cheat. We know you are smart enough to invent all kinds of tricks, but if we catch you, you will be disqualified.
- If it is your plan to leave home and visit your mum and dad for a month during the battle, do not participate.
- Please be careful with candles if you want to reduce light! Moreover, candles will not pay off in reduction. (Maybe it will increase the romantic atmosphere. Then it's a better idea to go to bed early.)